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Best this week is an app called A Color Story created by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess (talk about creative, definitely check out their site!). Our friend Mallory introduced us to the FREE app last week & we’ve been playing with it ever since. It’s truly the best. As with most apps you can pay for upgrades, but so far we are loving the basic free version. We love to support companies and creators, so we never hesitate to pay for upgrades, BUT we so appreciate the ability to test and use editing apps (and really any app) before investing mula so we know it’ll be a good fit & of use to us. Here are a few things we love about A Color Story…


The manual exposure features are great. The app lets you manually adjust how bright or dark your image is and doesn’t leave it up to fancy computer algorithms. If you’re shooting something that’s severely backlit, you can set the camera to be as bright or dark as you want. It really opens up the possibilities when it comes to iPhone photography. It gets you much closer to kind of results you’d get with the manual controls on a dslr. No more getting super underexposed images because the camera meter isn’t as smart as you! Plus it’s super easy to use, with simple, clearly labeled sliders that really get the job done.


It also has a ton of great features that let you adjust your image after it’s shot. It gives you the standard “Filters” that you can use to enhance your photos, but we really love the fine tuning adjustment tools. One feature that we haven’t seen in a free photo app is the option to adjust your image using curves. Many photographers will love this feature as it gives you much more control over the contrast, colors, shadows, and highlights of your image. This, along with the ability to adjust highlight color, midtone color, and shadow color really open up the possibilities! Along with these cool features, it also has all of the standard features that most other free apps have, including clarity, sharpness, grain, etc.



We definitely encourage you to download the app & give it a whirl!

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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