Best This Week | Air Plants

Best This Week on this lovely Tuesday is our tiny but growing collection of air plants.

Air plants are PERFECT for livening up any space. They are inexpensive, which is always a bonus, and there are lots of fun ways to house them! You could prop them up in some fancy lookin’ candlestick holders, place them inside glass wear or jars, or find a hanging glass plant holder typically used for succulents. The possibilities are plenty with some creativity on your part.


Oh, and you only have to water them a few times a month. No green thumb necessary!

We’re going to be posting about creative and inspiring workspaces later this week, so this is a little teaser. Something as simple and easy as an air plant in a pretty glass can actually add a ton to the look and feel of your space. Small details create a big impact. We’ll have more tips, tricks, and ideas for ways you can add your own personality and fun to keep you inspired as you work and create.

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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