Best This Week | Pre-Mixed Brandy Old Fashioned

We don’t drink a ton around here, but definitely love to enjoy a good cocktail every once in a while. Especially in the summertime, what’s better than unwinding after dinner with a nice drink? Living in Milwaukee, we sure have had our fair share of authentic Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned’s. Everybody does them a little different, but there’s definitely something specific and sweet about the local recipe.


We were excited to find a new brandy out there made by a Madison, WI distillery. It’s called Soul Boxer Wisconsin Style Brandy Old Fashioned. It’s a pre-mix with all of the Brandy, sugar, cherries, oranges, and bitters already put together. All you do is add your soda of choice to make it sweet or sour. Along with some maraschino cherries and orange slice as garnishes of course. We were skeptical at first, but this stuff is pretty great. It really matches what you’d typically order in a South side bar! Cheers!

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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