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Best This Week might just be our favorite to date. We are featuring a beyond awesome brand and couple. Hawk + Hatchet is the brand, Brian + Lindsay Knapp is the couple. They are Wisconsin dwellers like us and fast, new friends of ours as well. They are an incredibly nice and very creative couple.

Hawk + Hatchet is a product line featuring candles, soaps, and beer flight + charcuterie boards all hand crafted by Brian. They are stocked all over the country in some of the raddest cities and shops – which says a lot about the products. They are beautiful and they are made well. Quality. We have a campfire scented candle and it is our favorite – it’s slow burning and the aroma is mild and relaxing.




Here is Brian and Lindsay’s recent announcement of Brian’s endeavor into Hawk + Hatchet full time. As a creative couple ourselves, we are so excited for this new chapter in their lives & their example of working hard, dreaming big, and launching into the unknown with a positive and adventurous spirit.

Many of our nearest and dearest have been following the progression of Hawk and Hatchet from the very beginning-as we’ve toyed with ideas, morphed our basement, produced a killer brand and marketable product. Each of you, collectively, have created a sense of following and community that has carried this idea into actual stores and homes. We are so excited to announce that this July, Brian is launching into Hawk and Hatchet FULL TIME. That’s right! this is going to be his actual. job. We’re taking this glorified hobby down a career-path and we are so.pumped.

It’s always a little unnerving when you start stepping away from the safety of what always has been and start moving toward finding out what could be – but, we are after the wild. and uncharted., right? So, in the spirit of adventure, we are taking a 2 week adventure trip out east to meet with other makers, co-creators, artisans, and shop owners to share the good of what we do. Our hope is to find like-minded artists and business owners who catch the spirit of the brand and want to partner with us.

If you’d like to trek with us, feel free to start following Hawk and Hatchet’s blog:
where we will give you a taste of the adventure – and the truth is, we want you with us. 

If you consider yourself a fan or supporter, a simple “like and share” goes a long way. Please share Hawk and Hatchet with your friends and families.

For all your support, we thank you – Brian and Lindsay


Check out the H+H site where you can purchase products or see if they can be found at a retailer near you. These are great for your own home or as a gift. But you should probably get yourself something first because chances are if you intend to give a gift, you’ll want to keep it for yourself instead!!

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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