Easy Underwater Photography

Today we’ll show you an easy, inexpensive way to get a new perspective on beach photography. Many people don’t usually dare venture past the soft, sandy beach while shooting colorful sunsets or photos of their bikini clad models. They wouldn’t dream of running the risk of dropping their expensive camera or phone into the water. A small investment can get you some more dynamic photos from a much different perspective!


When we went on our honeymoon to Hawaii last year, we knew that we’d be bringing a decent amount of camera gear to capture some fun portraits and lifestyle type photography on the beach. We researched the high end camera enclosures that cost hundreds of dollars, but just couldn’t afford them. While doing that research, we came across some other enclosures that work just as good and don’t break the bank. They even come in a ton of different varieties for different cameras or phones. They range anywhere from $12 – $60.


Shooting in the water can be tough. It definitely takes lots of experimenting, but that’s half of the fun. We tried shooting some under the water, above the water, and level with the water. The latter seemed to give the most interesting results and led to some happy accidents.



With that…get out there and shoot some photos from different perspectives!

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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