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We are back! Though we never actually intended for such a long silence, here’s a quick in-a-nutshell catch up.

We bought a house! But before we bought a house we had a bit of a situation with our previous home. We owned a condo in a building that we, along with the other owners, found out in late 2015 was built poorly. After a lengthy process (<< there’s your nutshell) we were finally able to leave it behind and move on. We are beyond grateful for such a less than ideal situation to be behind us, but even more, that what could have been a very bumpy process actually went rather smooth. AND, that the week we needed to be out of our condo was the very week we closed on and moved into our new home. God provided for us everything we needed & all in the most perfect timing. Our new house, our home, is truly a blessing and a reminder to us every single day that we were faithfully provided for. We do not take it for granted & want it to be a place and a space that is full of friends, family, and love. As cheesy as that may sound (I am visualizing a wooden decorative board with that saying on it) it really is what matters in life. Inviting people in and loving them.

Along with all of this, after we moved we spent a great deal of time making some changes to our new home and making it OURS. We have a multi-part series not-so-creatively titled OUR HOME that will be coming your way over the next several weeks. We also spent a couple of weeks in New Zealand, which added to our silence a bit as the planning took some time, so we’ll be sharing about that as well. We believe that traveling and experiencing new places is an important part of creativity! Getting out of your “norm” is so necessary! Even seeing palm trees makes me feel a gust of creativity and newness.

So, needless to say we’ve been a bit pre-occupied this last year but we have not forgotten about this community! We truly want to see it grow into something beautiful, so we are in it with our whole hearts and can’t wait to invest more into couples + families who want more creativity and intentional living in daily life!

Creatively Yours,

CJ + Rachel

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