Our Home | Part 2

If you are just joining in, we are doing a 6 part series on our new home and the creative process of making it ours. You can catch up by reading part 1 first!

Before you get too comfy in the living room, take a few steps the other way and you are in our open concept dining room.  As we mentioned, the house came as is when we moved in and while we did not do any remodeling, a previous owner did. The current dining room was once walled in and we believe it was a bedroom since the attic space was not finished until the recent (within the last 5 years) remodel.

Similar to the living room, we made a major change to the space with white paint! We were gifted the sweet table + hutch set and we love the simplicity of the design. The living & dining rooms compliment each other well, but are also their own unique spaces. There are lots of possibilities with this large space if we ever wanted to change things up a bit – but for now we are loving it!

Speaking of dinner parties, the table extends to about double the size and we love it. We moved from a tiny condo and could not host anyone around a table because we didn’t have one. We absolutely love having a real dining space for friends and family because eating together is such an important part life & relationships. Gathering, serving, intentional conversation, and quality time are all a part of a shared meal and it’s one of our most favorite things.

The baskets on the wall are the most recent addition. This was another wall we just could not find the “right” thing for and knew we wanted something unique. The baskets were a little bit of a gamble, but we love how they look! Those along with the black plant stand by the hutch are from our friends and hugely talented collectors, Jess + Ryan, founders of Dandy. They have so many good, good finds and we have ventured to their business many times to find pieces for our home.

The little wooden bird on the hutch is called a Tui and we got it on our recent trip to New Zealand. A lot of the little pieces around our home have meaning and are intentionally placed. We want it to be interesting and meaningful, but not cluttered. The florals on the wine rack were an accident – they were laying around from a project and I threw them on there. They look great!

We had the red record cabinet before we moved and it’s perfect in the space! The little pops of red between the tray on our coffee table and the record cabinet add those color flares we wanted amongst all of the white. Serves well for storage, too, which is always a bonus. Here’s a complete view of the living + dining spaces before & after:

Moving down the hall next and one more post until you get the big kitchen reveal, our fave!

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

*Check out Dandy for all of their incredible pieces, now available and shipping. Woo! Find them on their instagram feedshop



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