OUR HOME | Part 3

This is the halfway point in our series! Part 3 brings you into our bedroom and the one and only bathroom in our home. If you missed the beginning of this series you can jump back to part 1 and part 2 anytime.

Our bedroom actually turned out better than we had hoped. This house has plenty of space, but it does not have an abundance of closet space and the bedrooms are modestly sized. When we moved in we really wanted our already-owned dressers work in our room because we needed all of the drawers. *INSERT never-ending need to get rid of clothes HERE.* With some trial and error in room arranging, we made it work!

It’s functional and clean and simple and us. Of course, we painted the walls white, but the biggest change in this room is the floor. The hallway leading from the living space to the kitchen and the bedroom had carpet when we moved in. It did not last long! We peeked under the carpet during our home inspection and found beautiful, original, hardwood floors. As in, exactly what is in our living/dining space except it had never been finished. We called in a floor expert and re-finisher who shined it up and we are so happy with how it turned out. Something as simple as removing carpet and beautifying the already installed, natural floor made a HUGE difference in the entire look and feel.

We added mirrored closet doors to create a bigger looking space and also to add more light into the room by redirecting the window light. The wall hanging is actually a really simple DIY…a yard of fabric and a dowel! We get tons of compliments on it, too! We also added the hanging planter, which we found through our friends at Dandy, and added in some fake vines. About 50% of the plants in our house are fake and the other 50% are real…it’s a good balance for us, ha! Oh, the curtains are actually two twin size bed sheets! I wanted the tall 96′ curtains and, my goodness, they can be quite pricey. This was a $20 improvisation and you’d never know it…unless I told you.

The bathroom is, well, tiny. It was the biggest “oh man” when we looked at the house but it was not a deal breaker. It’s actually been totally fine, especially since just outside of the bathroom is a full closet where we are able to store and organize all of the things people use in bathrooms.

We LOVE the shelf and it wasn’t until we hung it up that we realized we could use it as a hand towel holder, too! The shelf and the art on top of it are both from Hobby Lobby (swoon, I LOVE Hobby Lobby!)

It’s very evident in many of the photos, but if you look at the full size image you can see our little addition on the wall next to the toilet. On two of the walls we installed white bead board the horizontal way, think shiplap, from floor to ceiling. It’s so simple, cool, and adds a textured element in the small space. Plus then we didn’t have to paint over the dark brown that was there.

We can always add on to make the bathroom larger, but for now we are managing A-OK and there are actually other projects we’d prefer to invest in first if given the choice. Here are your before and afters!

The last stop on our main floor will be the kitchen! Then we’ll head to the loft, which we are pretty darn proud of.

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

Bathroom shelf + framed image from Hobby Lobby, bedroom furniture from (you guessed it!) Ikea, wall hanging fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, hanging planter from Dandy.


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