Our Home | Part 4

We finally made it to the kitchen! This is one of our favorite transformations and definitely one of the biggest. The loft, which you’ll see in our next post, is probably next up in terms of transformation of space.

When we moved in the kitchen cabinets definitely left much to be desired. They look alright in the photos, but in person they had a lot of wear and the insides of them were in major need of love. We did a complete revamp of the cabinets and painted them inside and out. We also replaced all of the shelves inside, which was a big deal as well. We were able to add more where we needed the space and everything was fresh, new, and clean.

Rachel’s parents came in the week we moved and helped us with all of our kitchen projects. They did a TON and we are so grateful! Mom painted the cabinet doors, we all painted the insides, Dad and CJ did the tile backsplash, and everyone was exhausted by the end of the week. It was pretty hectic – but we wouldn’t change a thing. We would not have wanted to unpack our entire kitchen only to take it all out when the time came to do the cabinets. Biggest tip and takeaway from painting cabinets? Do your research on paint (we used Sherwin Williams) and LET YOUR CABINET DOORS CURE FOR WEEKS. Yes, weeks. We left them for about 3-4 weeks and honestly would recommend anyone with kids or dogs to leave them longer. Sure, the paint is DRY in hours, but the longer they sit, the harder the paint becomes. The cabinets are then pretty resistant to getting dings and dents from daily use. If you are too impatient, you’ll end up with peeling paint and a ton of hard work pretty much out the window.

Moving on to the walls, we painted them white of course, but we kept one the original color, a dark green that we both love. We printed a wall hanging with a photo that CJ took of Lake Michigan as a super inexpensive addition to the space, and added in some simple pieces around the kitchen. The letter board is from, you guessed it, hobby lobby. With a 50% off coupon even! Our island and the window above the sink is scattered with trinkets we love; from rocks we gathered in New Zealand, to special air plants we got from a wedding, to garage sale finds we couldn’t pass up! We also changed out both light fixtures. The one above the sink was actually in our front entry but it was never used, so we just swapped it with the simple white one that was originally in the kitchen. Little easy home hacks like that are so fun!

The floor is, as you can tell, not original. We aren’t sure what’s underneath but maybe someday we’ll be brave enough to find out. For now it’s fine and it’s one of those “projects” that is very low on the priority list. Here’s the before & after comparison:

Creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

*Fabric wall hanging from Society 6. Letter board from Hobby Lobby. Speaker on cabinet from Sonos. Red decor on wall from Alts Antiques and floral.


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