Meet Us

Hello! We are CJ and Rachel. Newlyweds. Best friends. Creatives. We wanted to create this little space for YOU. Here is a little bit about us and the WHY behind this blog.

CJ is a creative professional. He has over 14 years of experience & a thriving career as a Graphic Designer. He is also a freelance photographer with nearly a decade of experience and a growing portfolio.  Rachel is a creative semi-professional. Meaning she dabbles in LOTS of creative endeavors & brings creativity into every aspect of life. While most of her endeavors are hobbies, she recently launched a line of handmade baby & toddler accessories. The line is called funny goose and can be found online & at local markets and shops. We got married in April of 2015.

Because we are both creative, much of our relationship has been spent doing creative things TOGETHER. From using CJ’s professional experience to do photoshoots, some just for fun & others for the portfolio. To sitting down together with paintbrush markers, paper & tutorials to practice calligraphy. We have found that doing these creative things together not only keeps us accountable in keeping our skills sharp, but our marriage and friendship has grown in many positive ways as well.

We want to invite you into a more creative life and relationship with your spouse (and kids) too! We will be posting for the professionals out there looking to grow creatively  with the help of your spouse or family. CJ is always wanting to test out new lighting techniques or post-production editing techniques in photoshop. Rachel loves getting to dress up  to jump in as the “model.” We will also be posting for those of you looking for more creative ways to spend your time together. You don’t need to be creative professional, just willing to try new things and have FUN.

We have some great posts brewing, stay tuned and check back often!

Creatively yours,

CJ & Rachel

*photo by Audre Rae