Sunrise Over Lake Michigan + Morning Date

Memorial day here in Milwaukee was BEAUTIFUL The weather was perfect for all of the days festivities and celebrations. We decided late Sunday evening that we wanted to wake up before the sun and head out to the lake to see it rise. And photograph it, of course. We are so glad we did! The morning was so lovely – no breeze or chill in the air & a quiet lake front.Blog_Sunrise_Feature_01 Blog_Sunrise_Post_02

There’s something so peaceful about being up and out in nature before most people are awake. The sun rises every day but it’s rare to be awake and still – just taking it in. While we were both shooting photos, it was also a memorable morning spent together.


Here’s just one of many simple ways you can get creative and spend time doing something together.

Happy Friday & creatively yours,

CJ + Rachel

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