Who is this blog for?

If you’re wondering who this blog is for, we’re glad because we’d love to tell you! The easy, but true answer is that it’s for YOU. It is for anyone and everyone interested in adding a bit more creativity into their life and relationships. We have, however, narrowed down three more specific types of people who we think will enjoy and relate to the majority of our content. They are:

The Professional | Those of you whose career and livelihood is in the creative world. Photographers, designers, retouchers, artists, musicians, etc. You’re the CJ of A Creative Couple. Everything that you see here on the professional side will be mainly from CJ. We will have posts ranging from concept ideas, to photoshoots, tutorials, and more.

The “Just for Fun” Creative | Those of you who are makers. You dabble in lots of creative projects, love to create and experiment, perhaps you’re self-taught in many areas of your creativity. You’re the Rachel of A Creative Couple. While this type of person might identify more with Rachel, the posts will definitely be very collaborative.

The Creative Couple | We chose the name “A Creative Couple” for our blog instead of “The Creative Couple” because as much as this blog and the content will be about the ways we incorporate creativity into our life and relationship, we are just one of many, many individuals and couples who are creative. Our hope in sharing is that we will grow a community of couples we can learn with and from. We also want to post from time to time about how creativity and working on projects TOGETHER impacts our relationship. With honesty. While 95% of the time it’s fun and positive, there can be bumps in the road from time to time. We’ll be an open book.

You might find that you fit into all three equally, or one more than the others, either way our hope is that you will be a part of this community. We love hearing from you, so don’t be shy! Comment on posts and send us an email introducing yourself. Suggestions or requests for posts are also welcome.

Creatively yours,

CJ & Rachel